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In his essay, Vetter points out that the Wikipedia assignment allowed students to engage with "real, motivational audiences" and he then goes on to discuss how the visibility of their assignment influenced students' emotional involvement in the process. Khune and Creel, in their article on Wikipedia and FYC, echo this notion of a more immediate audience for student writing. "As writing instructors, we search for environments in which our students can write to a 'realer, less fictional, more able, less predictable' audience."  

In what ways might we make our students' audiences more real? What complications might arise if students begin to write for real audiences beyond the classroom?

  • assign things like op-eds, things on real-world social issues, spurring public debate, solving real problems</li></li>
  • Assign editorials or letters to the editors to the Athens News or The Post. </li>
  • thinking about genre </li></li>
  • making sure that their writing actually goes to someone other than just us (the instructor)i.e. Telling students that they are required to submit their essays to a journal. </li>
  • presenting writing to the whole class--seeing a more visual and real audience </li></li>
  • e-letters--writing letters to a non-academic audience--pick an actual person and write an actual letter to the person </li></li>
  • challenge-a lot of audiences dont care about a lot of the things we, as English/writing instructors, care about. </li></li>
  • Telling students that they are required to submit their essays to a journal. </li>
  • Probably avoid blogs. </li>
  • Add to Urban Dictionary. </li>
  • If they make video projects, having them put it up on YouTube. </li>
  • Have them rhetorically analyze and become involved in comments in forums (or places like YouTube or an online newspaper). </li>
  • If students like gaming, they can contribute to game Wikis. </li>
  • If they are </li>
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