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Collaborative writing assignment dealing with the essay "Composing with Wikipedia: A Classroom Study of Online Writing" Found here.

The Mission

Greetings, friends! Welcome to our thing for tonight.  By now, you should be in small groups. Each group will go to their corresponding page. There, you will find a question. In the upper-right corner of the screen, you should have a small button labelled "Contribute". Click that and select "Edit page" and add your response directly to that page. Edit the page as you wish within your alloted time. Add new headings, new questions. Whatever.

After a short time, we'll rotate. So be sure to "Publish" your edit (the purple button in the upper right-hand corner) when you're done. Then you'll cycle to the next group's page, and you will once again be free to edit, update, complicate, or delete. For ease of navigation, I've inserted a link prior to your question. So once you publish and we're ready to switch as a class, you can just click that. 

Group One

Group Two

Group Three

Group Four

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